Kindperks: The App that keeps on giving!

Every day Kindperks gives you goodies such as pizzas, concert tickets, spa treatments, relaxing massages, lunch or dinner, trips, drinks and a seemingly never ending supply of other creative experiences. All you have to do is to share the love and pay it forward!
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How It Works

The Kindperks app is simple to use in three steps.

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    Pick Your Kindperks Ticket

    New Kindperks tickets are announced every day. These tickets have already been paid for and are randomly created for you.

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    Pay It Forward

    Then it's your turn to surprise someone else. You can choose how much to pay it forward. Not only do you make someone else’s day but you keep the circle of kindness moving.

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    Share the Kindness

    And you get another Kindperks ticket to pass along to your friends. Your friends can also experience amazing kindness with you. Spread the love!

Three daily perks

Choose from three daily perks and enjoy your free gift.

Choose your contribution

How much do you want to pitch in for the next person?

Leave a message

Write a cheerful message for a stranger.

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Join the community

We announce new perks every day. Don’t miss out! Tap here to get started.

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Share the love

Spread the word and let your friends know about the perks of being kind.

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